Desktop Genetics United Kingdom

Desktop Genetics is a UK-based biotech software company dedicated to making commercial R&D more productive and cost efficient. We develop bespoke workflow tools to simplify the most time-consuming and frustrating challenges facing molecular biologists in genome-editing, disease biology, antibody engineering, cell line development, functional genomics and protein production.

Each tool comprises a collection of functional modules, powered by our proprietary DNA Search Engine technology. To date, modules have let users search for DNA sequences across the world, create an in-lab knowledge base with persistent DNA and oligo sequence data, automatically calculate optimal cloning strategies and repurpose existing DNA. Easily deployed with your existing DNA sequence databases, our technology streamlines and automates workflows so that your skilled personnel can focus on the critical research that drives your business.

Founded by scientists and researchers, our team is experienced with the technical, operational and financial challenges facing molecular biology laboratories today. We are fluent in the languages of biology, programming, and R&D operations, ensuring your needs are translated into a superior business and research tool. We look to partner with life science companies to deploy existing modules and develop new ones from the ground up. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help make your DNA work for you.

Contact: Victor Dillard, COO -

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Mr Victor Dillard
Mr Victor Dillard
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Purolite United Kingdom

A leader in ion exchange and resin technology—and one of the world’s largest
developers and manufacturers of high-quality APIs, blood purification polymers, enzyme carriers, chromatographic resins and ion exchange products—Purolite is introducing the new product line based on agarose in our cGMP, FDA regulated facility.
With three strategically located production plants, five global R&D centers—including a research center of excellence in the UK—and a sales force made up of industry experts, Purolite is your solutions company for quality products, stability of manufacturing and knowledgeable service.

Developed and manufactured by Purolite, innovative agarose-based biochromatography resins will expand the LifeTech family of products to cover SEC, HIC, IEX and affinity bio-purification media for the fast-growing biosimilars market.
LifeTech bio-based resins will support customer needs—from drug development with pre-packed columns, to bulk media for industrial production of biosimilars.

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Dr Alessandra Basso
LifeTech Manager