Genetic Microdevices

The company develops companion diagnostic tests and biomarker discovery platforms based on its unique analytical technology, the CycloChipTM. The tests come in the form of disposable cartridges specific to desired applications. 

Direct comparative studies, have shown that the technology is between 30x-270x times faster, with over 10x higher resolution and 2000x more sensitive than competing top of the range analytical instruments.

The fact that this performance can be achieved in disposable devices that can be flexibly customised to different diagnostic and analytical applications, makes this device very attractive diagnostic companies and CROs.

GMD is looking for end-users of the technology to tailor the disposable cartridges to their specific needs. 

The CycloChipTM performs the tests based on a unique molecular separation method that allows for unprecedented throughput, sensitivity and resolution. Unlike chemistry based diagnostic companions, our system is not limited to a single molecule or a small number of molecules, but rather it can be tailored to an endless number of different molecular tests, tailored to the needs of our pharmaceutical or diagnostic client.

The GMD system can be applied to both proteomic and genomic analyses.

GMD is looking for a partner/end user to out license its technology and at the same time develop its product portfolio driven by the specific needs of the end-user. The latter could be a pharmaceutical company with internal R&D or a diagnostic company. 

GMD is based at Kingston University, London. It's technology has been awarded multiple prestigeous grants, from the London Development Agency and Technology Strategy Board.

Dr Dimitris Sideris
Chief Executive Officer 

Glythera Ltd United Kingdom

Glythera is an emerging biotechnology company specializing in the development of next generation biotherapeutics through the application of its advanced proprietary conjugation and glycosylation technologies.

Located in the North East of the UK with its dedicated bioprocessing and chemistry development laboratories at Newcastle University, Glythera is positioned as a critical partner in any development program centred on its PermaLink™ and PermaCarb™ technologies.

Our PermaLink™ platform supports highly selective site specific conjugation whilst demonstrating significantly increased stability with our core focus being in the development of enhanced Antibody Drug Conjugates and bi-specifics.

Glythera’s PermaCarb™ technology allows direct substitution of endogenous glycan’s or correction of micro-heterogeneity using stable analogues to improve bioavailability and efficacy and has been demonstrated in a range of next generation biotherapeutics.

Our Mission is to enable improved clinical regimes through the creation of the next generation of safe, efficacious biotherapeutic products in oncology and therapeutic indications.


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Dr David Simpson
Chief Operating Officer