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Are you on the lookout for a specialised Localization and multilingual translation partner who can handle 100 plus language combinations? 
Can supply certified translations under UNE 15038 and ISO9001 has 14 years’ experience working in pharma, medical device and clinical trial sectors. 
Can understand the importance of a quality process and critical attention to detail under tight timelines with competitive pricing!
Is Big enough to meet your needs but small enough to care!
Look no further lets’ meet at Bio Europe 2013 and discuss how NOVA could help you with your translation and interpretation requirements.

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Mr Arun Mathew
International Sales Manager 

Novozymes Biopharma UK United Kingdom

Novozymes Biopharma develops and manufactures sustainable, safe, biological based ingredients and technologies to provide pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers the knowledge-based solutions needed to address the challenges in developing innovative, safer, and more consistent final products. The company's large-scale manufacturing facilities worldwide are run to cGMP Q7 quality standards to ensure that customers receive the highest level of product quality and consistency, as well as the security of long-term supply. Novozymes’ customer-integrated approach combines the company’s scientific know-how and the specific needs of customers to deliver improved products and performance. By combining Novozymes’ unique knowledge around our biological solutions such as recombinant albuminhalf-life extension and hyaluronic acid with the specific application knowledge of our customers, we work with companies to deliver improved performance and safety for next generation of medical device and pharmaceutical products.
Dr Dave Mead
LinkedIn logo Business Development Director 
Ms Tara Sharpe
LinkedIn logo Business Development Manager